What We Do

We Are Your End-2-End Development
Partner for Deep Technology

We support our clients with Training and SW Development in the Domains:
Chainstep Solution AI KI Consulting

AI Training

We offer a government funded 4 week training program to identify and implement AI Use Cases for companies in all industries.

We train an internal AI Champion, so you do not need an external AI consultant. He will identify potential for AI and develop MVP’s for your company and your processes.


More info: https://chatgpt-usecase.com/ki-weiterbildung

AI Model & Application Development

AI model development – building a lab copilot to help the lab worker with formulations using the knowledge base of the company and increasing output.

AI application – we have started internally in Kollektor using AI to engage customers e.g. with an AI Art creator for everyone, now we are helping marketing departments to fine-tune their assistant to produce more high quality on-brand text. For more Info check out Clone of Voice and StepGPT in the products & ventures section

Research & Development

We do R&D to deepen our technology skills and always be involved in the latest research.

In the last 4 years, we worked on:

Products & Ventures

We build products alone and with partners. Either as part of the Chainstep Portfolio or with the ambition to spin off and become a venture.

StepGPT – GDPR-compliant GPT chat with smart business features

You want to use ChatGPT, but data protection is thwarting your plans? With StepGPT, you can chat with all GPT models, but in compliance with data protection regulations and with clever additional functions that make professional use in the office more convenient. Perfect for teams that really want to become more productive with AI.

More Infos here

Clone of Voice

Clone of Voice – your AI style guide for consistent brand communication

Do you want your brand to sound authentic across all channels? With Clone of Voice, you’ll hit the right note everywhere. Perfect for creative teams who want to present their brand in a fresh and consistent way.

More Infos here


Our very lean solution for digitising certificates.
In many industries, for example, the quality certificates of products are still exchanged as PDFs.

This is insecure and causes considerable effort.
We can generate certificates from, for example, the IT system of a laboratory or from IoT sensor technology and make them verifiable for everyone in the value chain.

In this way, we augment the traditional certificate. We digitise its metadata and allow secure broadcasting along the value chain.

We enable direct connections between fans, sports clubs and brands and build a bridge between physical and digital live to:

– Give the brand zero party data and improve customer live time value and sponsoring ROI 
– Give the fan the choice of sharing information and digital augmentation and gamification layer for a better experience at the matchday and in-between.
We are a marketing tech company developing a white-label solution integrating into existing infrastructure such as Apps, Loyalty Programs and CRM systems.

A Selection of Success Cases

Digital transformation has many uses for real economic benefits, across a multitude of industries.

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