What We Do

We Are Your End-2-End Development
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Research & Development

We do R&D to deepen our technology skills and always be involved in the latest research.

In the last 2 years, we worked on:

Products & Ventures

We build products alone and with partners. Either as part of the Chainstep Portfolio or with the ambition to spin off and become a venture.

Our very lean solution for digitising certificates.
In many industries, for example, the quality certificates of products are still exchanged as PDFs.

This is insecure and causes considerable effort.
We can generate certificates from, for example, the IT system of a laboratory or from IoT sensor technology and make them verifiable for everyone in the value chain.

In this way, we augment the traditional certificate. We digitise its metadata and allow secure broadcasting along the value chain.


The starting point of our idea is the Creator Economy.

How can artists sell digital assets and make them tradable, and how can fans and collectors acquire, collect, exchange and sell them?

We focus on the film, comic book, illustration and gaming industries.


A Selection of Success Cases

Digital transformation has many uses for real economic benefits, across a multitude of industries.

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