Transportation Insurance


The handling of transport damage is very time-consuming and inefficient due to the many different parties involved, systems and processes.

Solution approach

Via a platform based on blockchain technology, participants have full control over their data at all times and can control who receives what information when or contributes to the rapid processing of your claims.


Concept development and creation of prototype successfully completed. At the end of 2019, KRAVAG AG was awarded the “Vordenker-Preis” at the SZ conference “The Digital Insurance”. CHAINSTEP played a key role in supporting the concept development and implementing the prototype.

Added value

A digital process for all participants in which all information is documented in a comprehensible way. The process costs can be significantly reduced.

What our customers say

“The Claim Chain enables our customers to settle claims with all business partners simply, quickly and in a targeted manner.”

Kolja Mischok, Group Manager Transport Damage/Accident KRAVAG Logistic

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