Who We Are

Established in 2017

Our clients ask us to accompany them on their digitalization journey and co-create blockchain and self sovereign identity based services or products with maximum real world impact.

We do this by helping our clients to discover the capabilities of technologies like AI, Blockchain and IoT, develop a feasible strategy and accomplish a project based implementation.

We believe that the world cannot be changed if we work in an isolated way. We need collaboration. We offer a community to support organizations who want to innovate. A unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration, sourcing from diversity to harness the full power of co-creation. To foster the entrepreneurial mindset of our employees we run internal R&D with the focus to develop products and services within our incubator

Meet The Team

Experienced, agile, innovative.

Konstantin Graf

Managing Director
Business Development & Operations

Develops Relations & Business.

Loves to analyse value networks and
to challenge business models.

Dr. Hartmut Obendorf

Managing Director

Builds Product & Services Users Love.

Loves to challenge architectures
and product roadmaps.


Christopher Nigischer

Managing Director

Develops Companies & Ventures.

Loves to build consortia.


Till Witt

Managing Director
Research & Development

Manages Large R&D Projects in the Semiconductor Industry.

Loves IT security and drones.

Martin Maurer

Head of Blockchain & SSI

Develops Architectures for Products and Services.

Loves to deep dive into new technology and even more to implement them.

Attila Aldemir

Software Engineer

Develops Applications From Prototype to Scaling Product.

Loves to build and develop his own DID method.


Madjid Therani

Head of Cloud Architecture & Security.

Develops and Challenges Blockchain Implementations.

Loves to challenge security concepts.


Timo Schneider

Project & Product Management

Manages R&D and Product Projects.

Loves to frontend development.

Marc Pribbernow

Software Engineer

Develops Architectures for Products and Services.

Loves to deep dive into new technology and even more to implement them.

Frank Kottler

Analyst Blockchain, Sustainability & Corporate Ecosystems

Technology and Market Analysis for New Products and Services.

Loves to define consortia governance that allows coo-petition and co-creation.


Frank Bolten

Senior Advisor

Inspires and Develops Strategies.

Loves coo-petition and co-creation.


Prof. Dr. Ingo Fiedler

Senior Advisor

Explores the socio-economic potentials of innovation.

Loves solutions.


Eren Dogruca

Backend Service Developer


Lamine Fetni

Full-stack Flutter Developer

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