Vehicle Registration


Today, the vehicle registration process is still barely digitalised. The manual effort is still enormous, which leads to long waiting times and unnecessary expense.

Solution approach

Kroschke, as a leading vehicle service provider, has set itself the goal of providing an open platform with carTRUST, through which ownership of a vehicle can be digitally confirmed and transferred for the first time.


In 2020, the carTRUST platform will be tested for the first time in live operation together with an authority, and the range of functions will be successively expanded. CHAINSTEP is a strategic partner (technology and concept) in this project.

Added value

Multiple benefits for authorities, citizens and businesses.

What our customers say

“With carTRUST, real problems in the vehicle sector are solved by consistently abolishing analogue vehicle documents. Necessary proofs, such as rights of use or rights of disposal, are purely digital. Customers can finally manage their vehicles digitally and use services such as the registration of a vehicle as they are used to: At any time via app or browser.”

Marcus Olszok, Head of carTRUST

How Would It Work For You?

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