As we are building AI Models since 2021 our Team is an early GPT user, we have always looked for the best solution for our team and have now decided to make it available to others.

You want to use ChatGPT, but data protection is putting a spanner in the works? With StepGPT, you can chat with all GPT models, but in compliance with data protection regulations and with clever additional functions that make professional use in the office more convenient. Perfect for teams that really want to become more productive with AI.

Do more with GPT:

  •  Just get started: With an intuitive user interface, you won’t even notice the switch from ChatGPT. No need to worry about complex training or familiarization, because everything is the same as usual.
  • No compromises on GDPR and data security: We are AISTEP from Hamburg and host StepGPT on servers in Germany. We protect your data beyond the GDPR and explicitly exclude it from AI training.
  • Use internal knowledge effectively: Manage standard documents in your knowledge base and include them in the chat whenever you need them. For relevant answers tailored to your work environment.

Included: our advanced features for power users

  • Save time with chat presets: No more repetitive input and poor-quality prompts! Create and share your own style and work instructions to load regular tasks into your chat environment with one click. Our preset management bridges the gap between AI and real productivity gains.
  • Flexibility for every scenario: Switch between different AI models and adjust style parameters in real time – even within the same chat. Discover the advantages of each individual GPT model and always find the right AI assistant for your current use case.
  • Competitor models included: Because we are independent of OpenAI and Microsoft, we can also integrate other models into your chat environment on request. Whether Mistral, Claude or self-hosted, private models such as LLaMA 3: with StepGPT you can access all your favorite LLMs from the same interface.
  • Save time with the prompt database: No more repetitive input and poor quality prompts! Use the practical Prompt Library to optimize your workflows and load regular tasks into your chat environment with a single click. Our prompt management closes the gap between AI and real productivity gains.

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