Projekt HanseBloc

HanseBloc Transportation logistics Challenges An unsolved problem in the areas of transport, logistics and especially in freight forwarding is the tamper-proof transmission of information between the participants in the logistics chain. Transport-accompanying documents, waybills and customs documents are now exchanged via e-mail and cloud services as well as freight exchanges in addition to the classic […]

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Projekt Certivation

Certivation Certification Challenges The forgery of certificates is a problem for many industries. CERTIVATION GmbH wanted to secure the authenticity and validity of its certificates and university degrees via the blockchain and developed the product BLOCKCHAIN ENSURED CERTIFICATES in cooperation with CHAINSTEP. Solution approach The BEC service offers an independent platform for issuing and managing

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Projekt ChainPrint

ChainPrint Printing and publishing Challenges Various process problems in the cooperation between production partners – e.g. intransparency and unreliability of digital printers who work in cooperation (batch size 1), which leads to problems in the ability to deliver to the trade or end consumer. Solution approach CALVENDO digitally and automatically maps the value chain from

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