Safeguarding COVID-19 Vaccines with SSI – Part 3

Safeguarding COVID-19 Vaccines with SSI – Part 3 Identity Management: Cornerstone to Confidential Communication Frank Kottler Analyst @CHAINSTEP GmbH All these approaches do not solve two challenges yet: the configuration effort required to setup device APIs and communication protocols, and the question of how to securely identify and authenticate the devices. The former mostly depends […]

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Safeguarding COVID-19 Vaccines with SSI – Part 2

Safeguarding COVID-19 Vaccines with SSI – Part 2 Network Architecture: Basis for Scalability and Availability Frank Kottler Analyst @CHAINSTEP GmbH Dylan realizes that the identified design requirements correspond with properties that are typically solved by means of cryptography. To embed cryptographic methods securely in their network, VirGo needs to identify both a network architecture and

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SSI in IoT network security

SSI in IoT Network Security EMPOWERING THE IOT ECOSYSTEM ECONOMY Frank Kottler Analyst @CHAINSTEP GmbH Use cases for Internet of Things are plentiful: By conservative estimates, IoT applications face a $ 500 billion market opportunity in 2021 alone[1]. While networked devices often offer exciting opportunities for our clients, conventional IoT systems may raise unique security considerations.

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Self-Sovereign Identity: a Primer

Self-Sovereign Identity: a Primer Dr. Hartmut Obendorf CTO @CHAINSTEP GmbH Trust is an important requirement for many forms of communication, and without trust, many services and businesses would not be able to operate. Digital trust is often centralised, with select, well-known entities providing an anchor of trust that is propagated to everyone else; you are

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COBILITY Transportation Logistics Challenges As part of the COBILITY initiative, companies in the transport logistics sector are working on using the advantages of digitalisation WITHOUT becoming dependent on central platform operators. Solution approach Using blockchain technology, both data and governance are organised in a decentralised manner. For business processes, this means: secure data exchange, guarantee

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Projekt CarTRUST

CarTRUST Vehicle Registration Challenges Today, the vehicle registration process is still barely digitalised. The manual effort is still enormous, which leads to long waiting times and unnecessary expense. Solution approach Kroschke, as a leading vehicle service provider, has set itself the goal of providing an open platform with carTRUST, through which ownership of a vehicle

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Projekt STEREO

STEREO Self Sovereign Identity Challenges Secure digital identities are not yet accepted in society today. The STEREO project aims to develop use cases together in a consortium. Citizens are to get to know the applications later on in the context of a real-world laboratory. Solution approach Based on the carTRUST concept, a neutral layer is

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Projekt DibiChain

DibiChain Circular Economy Challenges Optimising the carbon footprint requires transparency of data across different companies along the value chain without divulging IP. Solution approach To be developed as part of the concept phase. Status The R&D project started at the end of 2019. The requirements of the various stakeholders will be recorded at the beginning

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Projekt ClaimChain

KRAVAGClaimChain Transportation Insurance Challenges The handling of transport damage is very time-consuming and inefficient due to the many different parties involved, systems and processes. Solution approach Via a platform based on blockchain technology, participants have full control over their data at all times and can control who receives what information when or contributes to the

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